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The most successful Irish sportsmen ever was never a man of many words. Sean Kelly’s skill was to ride bicycles. Triumphs were his speech.

In a time were people transcribe autobiographies in their early twenties, Kelly took his time. He retired from professional cycling in 1994 and just now released his book.

The man from Carrick-on-Suir in South Tipperary, Ireland is know for his introversion and for him to open up in a book seems to be a slight spectacle. The 70s and 80s cycling area charms me and since I appreciate the classics and the era that surrounds those races, I have appreciated Kelly.

For me the most fascinating part was reading about his childhood and training in Ireland. I passed through Kelly’s hometown several times when I was living on the isle and I was always intrigued by his aura. Having met him once all my pre-made up clichés and expectations seemed to be true.

The man who took seven straight wins at the Paris-Nice, just to name my personal highlight, delivered a book that is entertaining and not self-promoting. Insight into cycling’s heartland, several team mangers and mates and agreements that were “made on the road”. Don’t expect a book that debates about “juice” and what happened in the hotel rooms. As Kelly states: “I’m not a great one for reflecting or reminiscing”. Give him that and enjoy a book that’s talking and delivering the beauty of road cycling.

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Seems like this part of the www was on holiday. It unquestionably was.

Shortly after Christmas eve I ventured down south to spend a few weeks around the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia together with two friends. I like to head to the Horn of Africa at that time of the year. Perfect temperatures make this place even more worthwhile and fascinating. Following a number of stints in Kenya and Uganda I headed even further north to travel to one of the oldest locations of human life.

We spend some days in Addis Abeba and then travelled further south. We went to the “Town of Runners” – Bekoji and spend some time in the running capital before we went back up north to the Simien Mountains National Park for some striking hiking.

“I wanted the world to know that my country Ethiopia has always won with determination and heroism.”
Abebe Bikila

I’m heading back home genuinely impressed by a very friendly and calm nation. Ethiopia is the only African country to defeat a European colonial power. The feeling of independence and pride is still evident. The energy and positivity of the people was inspiring and very motivating to get back down to explore even more parts.

Pictures say way more than words. Just head over to my tumblr to observe a number of shots from the trip.

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