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Headphones Review: Philips SHQ3200

Philips is a household name. No introduction needed there. With their “ActionFit” Series they provide a nice set of sports earpieces. I gratefully got my hands on the Philips SHQ3200, an earloop piece out of this series.

While jogging, headphones should be there and don’t cause any troubles. Whilst running or cycling I clearly do not want to fix them over and over and the sound need to be on point. Not much to ask for, really.

Straight to the point so – The SHQ3200 is a pretty suitable compatriot when you out there training. The sound is quality and pretty decent. While it lacks a bit of punch in the bass it still delivers a great clean sound atmosphere. Particularly the midrange sound is where I found the SHQ3200 on top of his game. The sound is convincing and brings solo instruments and voices a clear benefit. If you are searching for a really loud, high volume headphone. This is not the one for you!

Maybe more important then the sound is the fit when it comes to an earpiece that should be a handy training partner. The earloop is alterable and after you get used to the shape it fits precise and secure. You can individually alter the loop-piece, so with a tiny bit of patience you will make this one fit for good. The cable has a perfect length and I found the little clip particularly handy to have a secure fit and no troubles with the cable moving around.

Another feature, which adds to the stability and the confidence, is the water resistance. I never had earphones that were sheltered against water. Looking into my box with old gear there are quite some headphones that lost the war against sweet and rain. Big bonus point there!

With the pleasant and individual look as well as the great processing you will find a good day-to-day partner for your runs. And also the price is pretty decent. The interweb tells me that you get this piece for about 28 EUR. That is pretty fair!

Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Headset Review

Earphones without a cable? Well, that is certainly interesting. Bluetooth apparently is the connector between your device and the pieces in your earhole. Jabra, equal with Bluetooth expertise, designs numerous earpieces for all instances. They came up with this behind-the-ear shape piece for sport a while ago and just released an update, which I was able to exam throughout training.

Several of my runs I do with headphones, as I like to listen to podcasts or radio. On easy runs it is the best entertainment and a good time to listen to noteworthy shows and interviews. Since I run I use headphones. Usually I find it hard to find the real pair. I tried heaps and never was 100% on the fit. Currently the fit is more essential for me then the sound. Nothing is more frustrating then correcting the earphones while jogging.

A massive problem with the earpieces is the cable. Nowadays when you need to wear some layer to cover yourself against rain and the cold the movement of the cords tend to pull out the plugs. When I received the Jabra headset this was my first concern that got off the table. When I saw the pack with seven different pairs of ear gels I was pretty stoked. Fixing these things in the ears should be possible. Yet I wanted to go out without any of those additional plugs. I craved for the run and I just took the pre-installed peace. I took my time to adjust the earpieces around the ear. Stopped after some minutes to slightly rearrange and that was it. Now that I know how to put them on, they never fall out. And after a test phase of a couple of weeks they never did. No matter if I run trails or if use them on the mountain bike – Rock solid without being annoying or unpleasant.

The play button as well as the volume control can be found on the right ear bud. Once used to the buttons and the menu that is very easy to understand you will enjoy the control of your synced device pretty easy. What sounds delicate and complicated (…pressing some buttons behind your ear) is a task that can be done with light gloves and also through light headwear. To control the sync process and to change FM stations is stress-free. The rubbery material provides a good, controlled feeling and makes is an exercise-friendly headset.

Apparently these bits offer “military grade resistance” against dust and rain and whatnot. I ran them heavily throughout rain and took them through pretty soaky mountainbike spins. No problem there. The military seems to be right. The whole piece feels pretty durable and long-lasting. The mini-USB (to charge the battery) entrance is placed nicely and the cover solution is pretty well thought out. The radio antenna sits in the earpiece and provides OK coverage. Do not expect too much. Once I entered the forest it got a bit doggy sometimes.

I synced the headset with an Iphone 5, an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as with my car. I do not need my phone while I run but I wanted to try the microphone that is in the left earpiece. The connection to all mediums was easy and fast. Talking on the phone was good but I never tried it while running. I don’t believe in this anyway.

Lets talk sound now. Not the very best to be exact. I expected a bit more power and better sound characteristic. As everything on those headphones is high quality you also want to have a decent bass and well as a composed sound nature. In my option the excellence of the sound is not really there. It’s a bit muffled and does not have the pressure I would like to get even from such a small headphone. As you probably got from the text so far, I really do like the Jabra Sport Wireless Plus for the extremely good fit and the superb usage. The sound is a minus. Not a major one but definitely something that can be amended for the next update. If that can be sorted out these pieces are hard to beat.

Battery & Power

Talk Time: Up to 4 hours
Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
Standby Time: Up to 120 hour(s)
Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain powered on


Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Supports Bluetooth® version 3.0
You can control your music from this device when it’s streaming from another device, such as your mobile phone
Music Streaming: Yes
Device can stream music from a source, such as a Smartphone, Bluetooth enabled laptop, tablet, or MP3 player

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