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shoeporn: Haglöfs – Gram Pulse
Steadfast and vicious – fresh trail running swag from Sweden’s finest – Haglöfs. The brand new Gram Pulse.
Not only aggressive looks. The latest Gram Pulse is constructed for jagged and rough topography. Following some previous running – shoe models this one is by far the most aggressive and trail running specific shoe out of the Haglöf labs.
Something that does not really need a mention is the flawless quality of this shoe. I dig Haglöfs style when it comes to needlework and value.
Pretty hard to oversee – The distinctive orange outsole goes by the well-defined term of “Wet Grip Rubber+“ (For the nerds: AHAR+® Rubber). I treasured the style and shape of the profile. The grip is fierce and allows a proper challenge of the centrifugal forces.
Spotless and efficient – Water repellent nylon mesh paired with proper TPU.
The midsole is properly shock absorbing with the backing of a high density Solyte + Gel. Credits to Asics for the support with this one.
Pretty noticeable is a clear link to Asics Runnegade model. Both shoes are not equal but it is hard to deny the connection between the two.
The outsole is something else. I treasure the grip of the self-cleaning outsole and the soft rubber.
Tarmac and paved lanes is not the favoured underground of the Gram Pulse. Till now I have run numerous miles in it and notwithstanding a saggy display on concrete the shoe totally delivers on wet and challenging trails.
The weighbridge displays scented 260 Gram of trail shoe joy.
A true soldier on the trail and off the footpath – Never mind the road crossings, he does not like that.
Haglöfs arrays a proper exclamation mark to the trail running collection. I dig the new Gram Pulse and I cannot wait for rain and soaky trails – I undoubtedly have a suitable partner to accompany me.

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